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Productive, Clean Agriculture Through Electrification

Several existing efficient electric technologies can increase the productivity and reduce the environmental impact of traditional agricultural processes. Efficient electric motors (e.g., motors with adjustable speed drives, etc.) operate cost-effectively on rural single-phase distribution lines. Electric robotic cow milking systems reduce labor costs, improve productivity through increased milking frequency, and improve herd health and management. Electric automatic feed pushers reduce time and labor costs, while improving herd feed intake.

Learn more about the potential economic and environmental benefits of these and other electric technologies. EPRI’s national assessment of electrification has identified significant benefits for utilities, utility customers, and society from adopting more electric technologies in outdoor agriculture. With increased availability of these technologies, now is an opportune time to explore these options for farming.

Be a part of defining the future of the agriculture industry at Electrification 2018 through:

  • Expert panel discussions including:

    • Advancing Agriculture and Food Production with Electricity

  • Interactive demos of new efficient electric technologies for traditional agricultural processes

  • Networking opportunities with industry, government, and academic leaders eager to collaborate and build the future of electrification

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