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Using Electrification to Improve Efficiencies across the HVAC Industry

For HVAC professionals seeking innovative ways to help customers improve both indoor air quality and energy efficiency, electricity could be the answer.

Electrification — the conversion of HVAC systems to use electrical power (vs. natural gas or other fossil fuels) — has the power to integrate defrost, compression, control, and other innovations and offer up to a 50% gain in full-range efficiency — all while significantly reducing carbon emissions.

Electrification 2018 will showcase how these solutions can support manufacturers, drive significant cost savings for customers, and enhance utilities’ ability to meet demand and balance loads efficiently.

Be a part of defining the future of the HVAC industry at Electrification 2018 through:

  • Expert panel discussions including:

    • The Future of Water Heating

    • Advanced Heat Pump Technology for Homes and Businesses

    • Industrial Process Heating

  • Interactive demos of new technologies including next generation heat pumps and more

  • Networking opportunities with industry, government, and academic leaders eager to collaborate and build the future of electrification

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