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Powering the Future of Sustainability Through Electrification

Indoor agriculture is helping solve food and sustainability issues by offering the potential to distribute produce and other kinds of food production close to demand — from improving food safety and reducing food waste, to growing more nutritious food for a planet with declining resources. By optimizing plant growth in a highly controlled growing environment using electric lighting, thermal, and sensing controls, indoor agriculture provides the potential to power the future of sustainability.

As a key area of focus for its Efficient Electrification Initiative, EPRI has uncovered additional massive benefits that electricity provides indoor agriculture. These benefits include a 90% reduction in water usage, reduced transportation pollution, and elimination of soil and additives. With the rising population and the decreasing costs of LED energy, there’s never been a better time to explore electrification of the indoor agriculture industry.

Be a part of defining the future of the indoor agriculture industry at Electrification 2018 through:

  • Expert panel discussions including:

    • The Promise and Potential of Indoor Agriculture

    • Advancing Agriculture and Food Production with Electricity

  • Interactive demos of new technologies that support electric cooling and heating

  • Networking opportunities with industry, government, and academic leaders eager to collaborate and build the future of electrification

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