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Innovative Technologies for Energy Efficient Business Optimization

Electrification is the one of the least expensive and most environmentally benign ways to improve operations and reduce costs of industrial process manufacturing — with the added benefit of reducing carbon emissions via adoption of innovative clean energy sources.

Electrification 2018 is the premier gathering for manufacturers looking to convert from processes and technologies that depend on fossil fuels to more profitable, reliable, and clean electric alternatives. The conference will feature electric technology advances with the potential for market dominance including industrial scale heat pump and waste heat technology, induction melting, electrical cooling sensors and controls, and water treatment, reuse and purification technologies.

Be a part of defining the future of the industrial manufacturing industry at Electrification 2018 through:

  • Expert panel discussions including:

    • Strategies for Industrial Customer Engagement

    • Breakthrough Technologies – Industrial Game Changers

    • Electrification of Multi-Modal Terminals

  • Interactive demos of new technologies that advance additive manufacturing and electrochemical synthesis

  • Networking opportunities with industry, government, and academic leaders eager to collaborate and build the future of electrification


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